The food was very very delicious!
Men Munroe via - Mar 17, 2018
One word: Amazing!
Kelvin Bailey via - Mar 15, 2018
Love this place ! The owner even ...
Love this place ! The owner even visited our table to make sure our jerk ribeye was cooked to perfection which it was ! There live music as well, the good kind too lol. He was playing some neo soul/r&b on the saxophone. We couldn't see the music from where we were sitting because placed wasn't engineered for the type of dinning exper ... read more
Jasmine B. via - Mar 13, 2018
Awesome food, great staff and affordable prices ... read more
Gino Gonzalez-Landrian via - Mar 12, 2018
This place is authentic Jamaican ...
This place is authentic Jamaican food. Always courteous and exemplary customer service.  The fried grouper, greens and yuca are myFavorite.  The greens are tender and cooked toPerfection. I HIGHLYrecommend this grille. Also onFriday's they sometimes have live music.  Try thePlaintain fosters alsoFor unique dessert.
Co'chise M. via - Mar 7, 2018
Nice time at Cutlass Grille
Delicious, authentic Caribbean fare. Excellent wait staff. I liked the fact that the owner came to see how we were enjoying our meal. The live music was too loud for my comfort, but other than that, everything else was fine ... read more
faithdiamond75 via - Mar 3, 2018
So I've been here a few times, ...
So I've been here a few times, and their food without question is FANTASTIC! I took my mom and dad here for their anniversary and while the food was delicious as always, there was a party right next to us that was so loud, it was hard to even hear the waitress, vice versa, when giving our order. They just need a larger restaurant! Ot ... read more
Brittany C. via - Mar 2, 2018
I love dining in the restaurant. The food was great. I had the pulled pork, jerk chicken, cabbage , mac and cheese, red beans and rice and baked beans. This is by far the best food for the price. The hostess and waitress were very polite. I love the service. Oh yes, I did have dessert ...the bread pudding was the best bread pud ... read more
Joanne Jeffries via - Feb 26, 2018
First time coming here. The food ...
First time coming here. The food was excellent with great service. Ordered the jerk pork , sweet fries and greens beans. Very relaxing atmosphere with authentic tasting food. Menu for anyone who is looking for an affordable tasteful meal. There is a full bar with imported beer and they also have house beverages. Will recommend this r ... read more
Dinah G. via - Feb 23, 2018
Loved the funky, Caribbean decor ...
Loved the funky, Caribbean decor & excellent island music.  Food was very tasty.  Grilled chicken was delicious!!!  Friendly atmosphere & staff.
Ellen H. via - Feb 21, 2018
Food is fantastic and the staff is friendly.
Jeremy Parks via - Feb 20, 2018
I've been here several times and the food is always consistently good! How good is it? Well my wife isn't a fan of Caribbean, but every time we go here she cleans the plate!
Cool Breeze via - Feb 20, 2018
I recently visited AGAIN. I ordered ...
I recently visited AGAIN. I ordered the jerk chicken which is always great.  Chicken is tender and juicy with lots of flavor and just the right amount of heat. Got the Mac and cheese and beans and rice.... all we great... coco bread soft and sweet.... will definitely return ... read more
CarNesha J. via - Feb 18, 2018
Wow!  Authentic and beyond delicious ...
Wow!  Authentic and beyond delicious. Love the decor and staff as well. We had the jerk chicken with Jamaican rice and peas and fried plantains. The chicken was full of flavor and just the right amount of heat. The rice and beans also full of flavor and tender. Finished the meal with the plantains which were tender and not over power ... read more
Tammy F. via - Feb 17, 2018
My, My, My!
The word was out! THIS was the place for a tasty, filling meal at a reasonable price. We had to investigate. Fresh, smiling faces at the door? ✔ Prompt courteous attention from the wait staff?✔ Meal served hot?✔ Flavorful and filling?✔✔ There was even a...More ... read more
Rickvbch1 via - Feb 11, 2018
Always always great! Food is the best and something you can experience anywhere else in Hampton Roads. The staff are very professional and friendly and the service is quick.
Mike Hockett via - Feb 10, 2018
This place has wonderful food.
This place has wonderful food.  Owner Shawn makes sure and watches over all aspects.  Many "good" restaurants have a few good dishes--not here.  Each and every offering is top notch.  Time and attention to all aspects are reflected in dishes that are quickly placed in front of dazzled eyes.  Cabbage cooked to a taste that not only ha ... read more
R C. via - Feb 9, 2018
Went here once for lunch while my Wife and I were on our honeymoon 2 years ago, and we still talk about this place.
Shaun Thompson via - Feb 5, 2018
Wife and I enjoyed the food. It was prepared with care. The prices were fair and the atmosphere was great. Loved the SAXs player the night we were there.
anthonycA8503TV via - Feb 2, 2018
We enjoyed our takeout dinner.
Kiesha Leary via - Feb 1, 2018
Excellent food but pricey ... read more
Kevin Goff via - Jan 31, 2018
This is my new favorite local restaurant!! ...
This is my new favorite local restaurant!!  Why did it take 18 months to find? My wife and I were both extremely pleased with our meals.  Fun atmosphere - great for family, live music (at least Sat night), and AMAZING food.  I got the coconut curry grouper & my wife got sea bass and shrimp cooked in coconut milk.  Super good side dis ... read more
Shawn B. via - Jan 28, 2018
Wonderful environment, great food, wonderful prices. Jerk chicken is great, awesome coconut shrimp.
brad lefler via - Jan 28, 2018
Lovely!! Delicious! Best Caribbean food I’ve had in Hampton Roads! Loved the ambiance! Diverse crowd and pleasant service. Will def go back!! #newfaveplace Had the Jerk Ribeye with Mac/Cheese and cabbage... the tostones... yummy!
Nic Joy via - Jan 28, 2018
Everything was absolutely amazing!!! Will be back very soon. The Curry crab and lobster cakes needs to be a regular menu item!!!
Kris Milian via - Jan 24, 2018
It gets my ultimate compliment, "The food is close to Mom's cooking".
Had dinner this evening at the Cutlass Grille. The specialty is Jamaican food and it's great. We had the oxtail and two sides(cabbage with rice and peas, collards with black beans and rice. The meal came as close to my mother's cooking as I've ever...More ... read more
Charles B via - Jan 24, 2018
Nice meal at Cutlass Grille
Enjoyed our meal-the staff were very friendly and the pork barbecue was delicious. I like hearing the live saxophone played in the background!
ckacedan via - Jan 24, 2018
Phenomenally good!! Everything had so much flavor, and was well prepared. Very nice atmosphere, and great service, too - a good place for a date night, or casual meal. I can't wait to go back!
Tierney Dieckmann via - Jan 23, 2018
Great food, service and atmosphere. Gi is a beast behind the bar!!
Chelsea Best via - Jan 21, 2018
A great place to eat. The food is so good. Ginger beer is wonderful ... read more
amelio Barbarisi via - Jan 21, 2018
Lunch with a Senior Church Group
Service was excellent, prompt and proffessional. Food was served hot and very tasty according to each one served in the group. Serveral persons ordered for take out after eating, for dinner later and the next day.
mbdavs1500 via - Jan 21, 2018
I'm never disappointed when I eat ...
I'm never disappointed when I eat here .... The food is always amazing and the customer service is always top notch ....
Mary L. via - Jan 16, 2018
My go to spot!! All around excellent! Love love love ... read more
Richie Young via - Jan 15, 2018
Amazing Jamaican barbque! The staff was super nice! Loved it!
Cat Maraboli via - Jan 15, 2018
Hands down the best jerk chicken ...
Hands down the best jerk chicken in Hampton Roads! Cutlass smokes all their meats so the flavor is booming & the white meat is very moist & tender. The Mac & Chz is baked but very creamy & has a spiciness that I can't seem to put my finger on, it's probably a spice from the islands that I'm not used to but I love it! If you eat in yo ... read more
Laure J. via - Jan 14, 2018
First experience was a good one. We will be back!
Michael Rodgers via - Jan 8, 2018
I was visiting Norfolk for a weekend ...
I was visiting Norfolk for a weekend trip and this place was near our hotel so we decided to give it a try to try something different. As we came in, we were greeted nicely and were promptly seated. We noticed the very unique decor and it was really cool! There were things that screamed out authentic Jamaican place and it was a cool ... read more
Ken K. via - Jan 6, 2018
Food was great!! This was my first time there ... read more
Michea' Lewis via - Jan 1, 2018
Delicious food
My husband and I love coming to Cutlass. It is just like being in Jamaica (we went a year ago) and the food + service at Cutlass is great. I always get the same thing because I love the jerk chicken, green beans, and plantains...More ... read more
Liz M via - Dec 29, 2017
Cutlass grille was amazing! My ...
Cutlass grille was amazing! My wife and I came with her parents and we loved the food. We all had the Jerk Chicken with tostones, yuca fries, and a salad. The cabbage salad was definitely not a favorite, but the yuca fries and tostones were on point and the jerk chicken was delicious! We also had the mango bread pudding was unbelieva ... read more
Alan M. via - Dec 28, 2017
The food was good ... read more
Renee Slater via - Dec 25, 2017
The food was amazing! Our server Ashley was very polite and professional. She got everything we asked for very quickly. The food came out extremely fast. I was very impressed. My fiancé and I will be returning soon! Thank you Cutlass Grille for an amazing experience.
Brandi McNeil via - Dec 22, 2017
Good food. Good service.
Marvin Lamb via - Dec 22, 2017
Great place nestled in an unlikely strip mall area. As soon as you walk in the atmosphere is relaxed and the space was lovely. Started with boiled shrimp, generous 1/2 pound and followed with the special jerk shrimp tacos. Food was amazing and the owner / chef came out asking patrons how they liked the food. You don't get that often ... read more
bryan young via - Dec 22, 2017
I stopped in here a couple of weeks ago. Being my first visit I had no idea they had recently moved into the location, etc... The owner Sean came out and introduced himselfand we were quickly seated at a table. The facility looks brand new and impeccably clean. When you enter you see a bar on your left and then booths, with the open ... read more
Joe D via - Dec 22, 2017
Great tasty food but a little expensive.
Victor Veguilla via - Dec 22, 2017
Authentic Jamaican food and friendly serve.
Rich B via - Dec 22, 2017
Relaxing to the saxophone with some tasty food.
Nice atmosphere with live music on the weekends. The food is very tasty and you can get food cooked to how spicy you can eat it. Good service, good vibes with that welcoming family feel. It does get busy, so go early or make a...More ... read more
Shona D via - Dec 22, 2017
A delicious to go
Jamaican food at its best. A local fav. Fresh jerk chicken, rice and peas, cabbage, Brown stew chicken, oxtail. To go available.
miyuki e via - Dec 6, 2017
Came in for lunch and had to wait ...
Came in for lunch and had to wait for someone to greet us which meant waiting for seating after we got to our table I was able to look at the menu but honestly I didn't see much of a variety and I wish they had more combination plates but I got the shrimp tacos which were a little spicy and the dressing was delicious and a ginger bee ... read more
Elle M. via - Dec 4, 2017
Great place. Food is incredible. Atmosphere is perfect. Service, outstanding.
Susan Gustavsen via - Nov 22, 2017
Food is wonderful. Atmosphere is great ... read more
James Turner via - Nov 22, 2017
Great food good vibes. Tee the bartender was great. Congrats on the bundle of joy....
Laron Mckoy via - Nov 22, 2017
Absolutely the best!
Angela White via - Nov 22, 2017
This is the best place to get jerk chicken outside of Jamaica! Local family run business. Casual atmosphere with good sevice. On weekend nights they have a live saxophonist or steel drum performer. They can also accomodate large parties.
John Hannan via - Nov 22, 2017
A little piece of the Jamaica here in Virginia. From the ambiance, decor, music and of course the menu. Gutless Grill is consistent, the food is always tasty.
Darlene Jackson via - Nov 22, 2017
This place is off the chain !!!! ...
This place is off the chain !!!! For a starter I had the Jerk Lamb Chops And for dinner the Oxtails .... I just forgot about MP Island ......
Lonnie A. via - Nov 16, 2017
I've been there now about 3 or 4 times and am never disappointed. Their coconut shrimp appetizer is excellent. I usually get the 1/4 chicken jerk dark meat and it is very tasty. Prices are good, not expensive and service is good as well ... read more
JerseyJim7 via - Nov 10, 2017
Always Good
We have yet to have a negative experience at this place. Probably the best place for barbecue in the area.
Barry C via - Nov 10, 2017
I had the curry shrimp with cabbage ...
I had the curry shrimp with cabbage and rice and peas and it was bomb. I would love to know where all the people that listed this as a one and two star restaurant visit because if the food is better there I'm with it. I would definitely recommend this place to someone.
Shay T. via - Nov 7, 2017
Love This Restaurant
Finally, a restaurant in Chesapeake that lives up to the hype. The barbecue at this place was top notch and moderately priced. Pulled Pork was very good and there were plenty of complimentary sides to choose from. Fries were good, Baked Beans were excellent and...More ... read more
aglgsdbc via - Nov 7, 2017
Visited this restaurant last night ...
Visited this restaurant last night with my best friend and I was pleasantly surprised. Although I didn't care for the hostess's attitude nor our seating arrangement, ambience was great. The live music was amazing and definitely added a more Caribbean flair to the restaurant. Additionally, my food was phenomenal. Well-balanced and not ... read more
Zina S. via - Nov 5, 2017
Excellent food, superb service. I highly recommend it.
Karen White via - Oct 22, 2017
Excellent food and service. The Jerk Chicken was absolutely delicious! Chef/Owner came out to our table to ask how everything was. That was a nice touch. Very friendly atmosphere. Nice family owned small business. We will be back!
Ron Calverley via - Oct 22, 2017
5 out of 5 rating. The best Jamaican cuisine I have ever eaten.
Rosamund Murray via - Oct 22, 2017
Great service nice portion size and flavorful food. Live steel drum music when I went on a Saturday night. Definitely will be going back.
Daniel Pugh via - Oct 22, 2017
My first but want be last visit here from sc .i love live music.friendly was excellent.b bless.
Danny Buxton via - Oct 22, 2017
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